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Winter Break Archery and Nature Classes!

It's winter break for many! Bring friends and family to Jack Rabbit Archery for a combination of Archery and Nature Skills. Every class will have a warm campfire for spectators. Check out the classes for all ages below, taking place Dec 29, 30 and 31st


Each class needs a minimum of 3 people to run, so bring a friend!!

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Cold weather can be a blast for outdoor sports and nature connection. I love the adage, "there is no bad weather, just bad gear"... or something like that. If you are wearing the proper clothing, being outdoors in the winter is fabulous. Layers are key, and clothing that won't trap moisture is important, so avoid cotton.

Dress like you are going sledding:

  • Feet: Warm socks, two pairs, and warm, weatherproof warm boots. Rainboots are often not warm enough. Socks should fit together in your boots so try them out before you are getting ready to leave. Wool is super warm!

  • Baselayer: Pants: Leggings, long johns or a wool or synthetic thin layer first will help trap body heat and keep you warm. A thin, comfortable shirt.

  • Midlayer: A second layer of pants like sweatpants, fleece pants or some other comfortable layer you can move in, comes next. Pajama pants work well and and are comfortable. For the top- a sweater, sweatshirt, fleece or something similar and roomy. I also LOVE vests. A fleece vest will keep your core warm and allow your arms full motion for archery.

  • Outerlayer: Snow pants! I love one piece snow suits or bib overalls. (That's what I wear!) Should be windproof and if it's snowing- waterproof. A thick roomy wool sweater works well, too with a third pair of pants or even rain pants if you have them.

  • Hands: Gloves or mittens are a must! Fingerless gloves or mittens allow you to have full dexterity and still keep some heat in. Some people like to shoot with pleather or leather gloves so fingers are fully covered. Handwarmers are AWESOME. Kept in your pocket or in your sleeves on your wrists will help keep fingers warm.

  • Head: Wear a warm hat that doesn't impair your vision. Ear muffs or flaps that cover your ears are a smart idea. Long scarves might get tangled in a bow string but neck gators are toasty.

  • Spectators: dress very warmly since you'll be pretty still. Bring a chair, blanket, and warm beverage for yourself. I'll have a fire pit available to keep you warm!


  • Long socks that don't bunch up are waaaaaay better than short ones that slide down.

  • Having an extra thermos of warm tea or hot chocolate will make your archer love you even more.

  • Arrive 5 minutes early to add the final layers after you get out of the car- or wear everything and drive with all the windows open!

  • Once you have your cold weather, tried and true system down, keep everything together so it's ready to go.

  • If you need the gear, check out second hand shops. You can find alot of good winter clothes affordably! I also like Sierra Trading in Danbury,


At JackRabbit Archery we offer intro to archery and personal skill improvement for traditional archers. All necessary equipment is provided. The range is set up for traditional longbows and recurve archery bows; not crossbows or compounds.

We offer a supportive, positive experience with safety and fun as the top priorities. We’ll meet you where you are and help you improve your skill.

Spectators: It is a rural setting, so if you plan to stay please bring a blanket or lawn chair. There is no public bathroom on site.

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